Learning Circles

We strongly believe in education as a strong base for every individual. Our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah) said that acquisition of knowledge is incumbent upon each and every believer. We offer few different learning services so we can continuously be connected to learning and teaching. 

eAlim is designed specifically for youth and adults who have the zeal to benefit from the Holy Quran and achieve mastery in Islamic studies in traditional way. The program refrains from introducing new concepts and opinions and instead teaches pure Islamic knowledge as delivered by the great Muhaddithin, Mufassirin, Fuqaha, and other scholars of the Ummah. This program will benefit those students who want to learn the Islamic sciences but are unable to attend, or have no access to, a traditional Islamic university campus.

Morning Hifz

We offer in conjuction with Universal School morning hifz for students who would like to start the day off on memorizing the Quran. It starts at 7 and ends at 7:50. The students may leave early to get to their normal classes throughout the calendar school year. Contact us for more information at info@buffalonomads.com.


We offer tutoring services in a range of subjects from math, english, science, social studies, Quran, Arabic, and much more. To book an appointment contact us info@buffalonomads.com. We will have one of our expert tutors to help you/your child in the field that need the most help.