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The Nomad's Mission

Dear Reader, 

With the grace and bounty of God, the Nomads have been serving youth of all backgrounds and faiths in the Western New York area for over a decade. Our main goal and intention is to connect youth to our Lord and Creator. For us to do this , we have tried to implement the true spirit of Islam. Teaching honest truthful prophetic character, empathy and compassion to those needing aid, and resilience coupled with determination to please our Lord. 

So what do the Nomads do exactly? We take yearly international trips to broaden the horizon and get our youth accustomed to different cultures and lifestyles. We offer weekly sporting events from football to wrestling, to even golf. We offer workshops that nurture the mind, soul, and body by holding Quran classes and Islamic sciences needed to acquire sacred knowledge. We also offer classes at universities and programs at the collegiate level. Yearly camping trips and spiritual retreats to tap into the full potential of the youth. 

We would like to thank anyone who has supported our cause for the past decade. Truly these programs cannot function without your support. We pray for you and your loved ones that you have best of this world and the next. Amen. 




The Nomads 


Support Us

Your donations help make our Mission a reality. The Nomads relies on the generosity of our community members to help run all of our youth-focused activities. May Allah SWT reward all those who support us through donations. 

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